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The Midleton Mission going forward is to continue our growth as a school, not only as a standard bearer in Getafe and Madrid but also in the wider ELT world. We want to be an institution that leads the way in terms of professionalism as well as learning success. We can do this by encouraging learners to engage with English and reach their goals by providing fun, dynamic, communicative and engaging classes. In addition, we can achieve our goals by caring for teachers both professionally and personally and by providing opportunities to develop and become career-long members of our industry.

The following list reflect Midleton’s core beliefs and our mission as a school:

For Learners

midleton mission

Communicative language teaching practices provide the conditions for effective learning

We believe that activities that have both a primary focus on context and a meaningful communicative purpose are the most engaging and therefore, successful for language learners.

Learners needs and preferences should be taken into account

midleton mission

The more we understand about our learner’s reasons for learning English and their preferred learning methods, the better we are able to cater to those needs. Our small class sizes also enable our teachers to cater to individual needs more effectively.

midleton mission

Experiential learning and active participation are crucial to language learning

We feel it is important to create the conditions through which learners can experience and experiment with the language, not being afraid to take risks or make mistakes.

Language learning is a life-long process, and learners will progress at varying speeds

midleton mission

Learning a language is a long process and also a recursive one. As such, we need to ensure that our learners’ expectations are managed effectively so that they have realistic expectations of their language learning.

midleton mission

Assessment should be holistic and include more than just exam results

Exams are important for many learners and are useful for motivation, goal setting as well as educational and professional credentials. Having said that, we also believe that these need to be complemented and seen as equal to holistic and continuous assessment.

Exposure to many different varieties of English is beneficial for learners

midleton mission

Exposure to different varieties of English reflects the global nature of English as it is used in the world both as an L1 and as a lingua franca. We have a very international team of teachers here at Midleton which reflects the global nature of English of today’s world.

For Teachers

midleton mission teachers

Continuous professional development leads to more successful learners

We invest in our teacher’s learning and development and believe that by empowering our teachers to learn and develop, this in turn empowers our students too.

Teacher’s needs, and opinions should be a key part the running of the school

midleton mission teachers

We seek teacher feedback on a regular basis to help inform what we do as an academy from the creation and evaluation of the development programme to course provision and materials.

midleton mission teachers

Teacher wellbeing is crucial to a healthy team and to the success of the school

We promote positive relationships in our school and believe that everyone should be respected, valued and treated equally.

Midleton considers itself to be a ‘learning school’

midleton mission teachers

And as such we promote and foster and environment of sharing and collaboration thus creating a community of learning in which all members of staff can learn from one another.

Midleton is both a place where teachers can develop as well as a stepping-stone toward further development in the ELT industry

We aim to ensure that a Midleton teacher will be highly employable after their time with us, contributing to the the wider ELT world and carry our reputation with them wherever they go next.

midleton mission teachers

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